[UPDATED] AMBER ALERT — Taliyah Leigh Marsman, Age 5, Abducted in Calgary

A 5 year old child in Calgary, Alberta was reported missing at 1:21 AM this morning.

LATEST UPDATE, 10:00 PM, July 14, 2016 — I write you this dark evening with the absolute most heavy of hearts.
5 year old Taliyah Marsman will not be celebrating her sixth birthday.
The Calgary Police Department are confident that they’ve located Taliyah’s body earlier this evening, and two first-degree murder charges will be given to their expected killer, Edward Downey.

To Taliyah and Sara, may you both rest in eternal peace.
To the friends and family of the deceased, our thoughts are with you through these tragic times.
To Edward, I hope you suffer for what you’ve done. This is inhumane, and you’ve caused national grief.

OLDER UPDATE 12:00 PM — “Please if you have Taliyah, please, let her come home to her family.” — Terry-Lynn; Taliyah’s aunt

She’s taller and more mature than your average 5 year old.

Taliyah’s name is pronounced ‘Taa-li-ah.’

Friends, family, Taliyah’s mother, Sarah’s co-workers, and Taliyah’s care giver all make an appearance at a conference about Sarah’s passing and Taliyah’s disappearance.

Taliyah turns 6 years old in September.

“It was a very awesome relationship to see between a mother and daughter.” 

OLDER UPDATE 6:15 AM — I hate to have to report this… Taliyah’s mother was found dead at her home.

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OLDER UPDATE: 3:15 AM — Photos were released for public and media distribution:

The child’s name is Taliyah Leigh Marsman, and as previously mentioned, she is 5 years of age.

She was abducted from the one thousand block of Panamount Boulevard North West in Calgary.

Unfortunately, details of the abduction are very scarce at this time.

We know that she is a mixed race female, slim build, with brown curly hair and blue eyes. What she is wearing is unknown.

It is not known who her abductee is.

If you think that you’ve spotted Taliyah, you are being asked not to approach the suspect.


Instead, please contact the Calgary Police Service immediately at 403-532-6237, or your local police service if you have any information.

[Full Alberta Emergency Alert]



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