Today is the Fire Aid for Fort McMurray Benefit Concert • Tickets Still Available

The Fire Aid for Fort McMurray Benefit concert is taking place at 5:00 PM today. Are you ready?

EDMONTON — This Fort McMurray benefit concert was first announced in late May of this year. Since then, tens of thousands of tickets have been sold. However, with that said, there are still tickets available.

… there are still at least 1,500 seats available …

TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE — Those of you still wanting to attend but are without tickets as of this morning, you will be pleased to know that there are still at least 1,500 seats available, so if you’re down for making a last minute schedule change, join the tens of thousands of folks attending the benefit concert at 5:00 PM today!

If you’d like to purchase some tickets for this evening’s concert, [head on over to ticketmaster].

WHEN & WHERE — The Fire Aid for Fort McMurray Benefit concert will be taking place at the Commonwealth Stadium and beginning once the clock strikes 5:00 PM, and it will be happening rain or shine. Doors will be opened at 4:00 PM sharp, with Dustin Bentall taking the stage at 4:45 PM, Harlequin taking the stage at 5:00 PM, and Dear Rouge taking the stage at 5:20 PM.

The following bands and artists will be playing in the concert:

Nickelback, Blue Rodeo, Corb Lund, Dean Brody, The Rankin Family, Dallas Smith, Brett Kissel, Randy Bachman, Ian Tyson, Alan Doyle, Dear Rouge, High Valley.


Here’s a look at the full set list for the benefit concert:
Fire Aid for Fort McMurray set list
Fire Aid for Fort McMurray set list

THANK YOU, BANDS & ARTISTS — I’d just like to take a minute here to thank the bands and artists that agreed to do this benefit concert. I don’t think they’ve received many thanks as of yet, so I’d just like them to know that they are truly appreciated, and that this expected $2.4 million+ will really help with the Fort McMurray United Way. Thank you for being awesome.

To those of you attending, enjoy the show tonight!


Jody Mitoma

Founder of Edmonton Talks News.


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