Wayne Gretzky Statue at Northlands Relocating to Rexall Place • Travelling to Cochrane Today for Refurbishing

The iconic statue, first installed in 1989, begins its relocation process to Rexall Place today.

According to the team responsible for publicizing Edmonton Oilers press releases, the relocation process of the Wayne Gretzky statue standing in front of the Northlands arena begins today.

The status was first installed at the Northlands Coliseum on August 27, 1989.

It was a project designed by sculptor John Weaver in conjunction with bronze-smith Don Begg at the Studio West in Cochrane, AB, funded by Molson Breweries, and gifted to the City of Edmonton.

When the time comes, they are inviting the public to view the new unveiling at Rogers Place. That time has not been announced yet.

The Wayne Gretzky statue:
Wayne Gretzky bronze statue at Northlands // Jason Franson, The Canadian Press
Wayne Gretzky bronze statue at Northlands // Jason Franson, The Canadian Press
Edmonton Oilers' Wayne Gretzky holding the Stanley Cup // ESPN.com
Gretzky // ESPN

The 950 pound bronze statue stands 9 feet 2 inches tall, and has been an iconic landmark for Oilers fans since its initial reveal nearly three decades ago.

BUT FIRST, REFURBISHING — Before it arrives to its final resting place (or maybe not), the statue will be undergoing some light surgery. And by that we mean, it will be returning to its place of creation at the Studio West in Cochrane where it will be refurbished and cleaned to shine as bright as it did 27 years ago.

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WHEN’S THE UNVEILING? — We will keep you informed as to when the official re-unveiling takes place at Rogers Place once this information has been made public.

According to the Edmonton Oilers:

Details surrounding its (the statue’s) public installation and unveiling will be released soon.Edmonton Oilers


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