Tens of ‘Anonymous Edmonton’ Volunteers Create Beautiful Event to Help the Less Fortunate

Volunteers from the Anonymous Edmonton group got together to help the less fortunate on Sunday.

Today I would like to introduce you to an incredible group of Edmontonians with enormous hearts. That family is the wonderful people of [Anonymous Edmonton]. This article however, will be focusing more-so on their grassroots branch-off group [Op: Help The Less Fortunate – Anonymous Edmonton].

Operation Help The Less Fortunate started off with just five volunteers, but since its inception, has grown to roughly 60 incredible Edmontonian volunteers doing whatever they can to help their fellow neighbours down on their luck.

SUNDAY’S SUCCESSFUL EVENT — On Sunday, July 10th, the group had planned for a wonderful ‘Free Street Store’ event to take place at a nice and central location beside Quasar Bottle Depot at 9510 105 Avenue in Edmonton. The turnout was above and beyond what they were expecting.

OP Help The Less Fortunate - Banner

The number of people that lined up for a hot meal and clothes was heartbreaking in length; even in the unfortunate rain that was pouring down throughout the entire event’s several-hour duration. You’ll notice that even the parking lot had begun to flood, causing a muddy mess for one and all. Thankfully though, a little mud has never done anyone harm.

They ended up running out of food just 1.5 hours into the event, something they didn’t quite expect to happen. The turnout was far greater than expected, however so many of our less fortunate neighbours were helped in Sunday’s heartwarming and entirely voluntary event. I just cannot stress how wonderful this really is.

Edmonton has a homeless population of ~2,000 people.

This group of uplifting Edmontonians go on serving food and clothing with smiles on their faces. Though not only their faces, but as you can probably imagine, the faces of capital city’s less fortunate as well.

Even if just for a short moment – Hope, love, care, respect and faith fills the hearts of countless locals. 

WHEN’S THE NEXT EVENT? — The group of volunteers already have their next ‘Free Street Store’ date set up for September 18, 2016 beginning at 1:30 PM. Although still two months away, there are already at least 22 people interested in attending to help out. View that [event page here].


Because this group is run entirely on a voluntary basis, there is a crowdfunding page created in their honor, that will help to purchase things such as food, clothing, tables, fencing, banners and much more. If you are feeling generous, you may donate however much you wish to their [fund here].

They go on to thank their volunteers:

OP Help The Less Fortunate Thanks its Volunteers

This is not Anonymous Edmonton’s first ‘Free Street Store’ for Edmonton’s less fortunate populous, and it will certainly not be their last. They hold an event of this nature every two months in Edmonton.

OP Help The Less Fortunate Team
Just some of the incredible Anonymous Edmonton members.


Jody Mitoma

Founder of Edmonton Talks News.


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