JOEY Restaurant Flagship Bell Tower Location in Edmonton’s Ice District Opening this Thursday

Joey’s Restaurant expands once more. This time, with a flagship location in Edmonton.

EDMONTON — Beginning at 3:00 PM on Thursday, August 18th, JOEY Bell Tower will officially open its doors to the public.

Fantastically, this location will be using and in turn supporting our local suppliers and employment. Joey hired roughly 180 people for this restaurant.

The Joey Bell Tower location sports an open kitchen with glass walls to showcase the chefs in action to passersby.

“Guests will see the kitchen like never before,” said Darin Getty, Regional Manager of JOEY Restaurants. “This design will truly showcase the talent we house at JOEY and guests will get to experience chef life like never before.”Joey Restaurant Group

Joey Bell Tower will launch with two happy hours. The first is 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM, and the second is Sunday through Thursday, 9:00 PM to close.

During these hours, Joey classics such as the signature Super Sonic and Bellini, Joey Genuine Draft or Red Racer Copper Ale all for $4.00. Cuvee white and red are also available for $5.00.

This flagship Edmonton location, situated in the new arena district downtown, will offer a state-of-the-art design and our latest menu

Joey Bell Tower Edmonton location // Joey Restaurant Group
Joey Bell Tower Edmonton, interior / Joey Restaurant Group

The new location includes an all-season patio.

Joey Bell Tower will be managed by Nekko Leiterman, and its head chef is Colin Fryer. Other chefs for the restaurant will be hired on from NAIT’s culinary program.

colin-fryer chef at Joey
Colin Fryer, Chef at Joey Bell Tower / CBC

The Bell Tower location is found at 10310 101 Street in downtown Edmonton.

Large operable doors can be opened during the summer months to bring the outdoors in, while a large double-sided fireplace helps curb the chilly Edmonton winters.Joey Restaurant Group

Joey Bell Tower Edmonton, exterior / Joey Restaurant Group
Joey Bell Tower Edmonton, exterior / Joey Restaurant Group


There are currently Joey Restaurant locations in BC, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario, with four additional locations in the USA.

The first Joey’s to open its doors back in 1992 was located in the Barlow area in Calgary, Alberta.

One of the cool things about Joey’s is that every one of their locations has an entirely different look to it. Each location is unique, and it’s not a matter of repeating formulas, but rather, creating spaces perfectly suited to the locale and customer profile.


There are now nine Joey Restaurant locations in Alberta.

Joey Restaurant’s official website


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