Massive Edmonton Oilers Sign Being Auctioned — Own a Piece of History

This thing is absolutely massive. We’re talking 10 feet tall here.

I’m not sure what one would do with an enormous Edmonton Oilers sign of this nature, but if you’re a huge Edmonton Oilers fan and you are interested in being the new owner of a 10-foot-tall sign that has been hanging on the Rexall Place arena for countless years now, then you just may be in luck if you’ve got some money to toss at an auction.

Take a look at the [official auction right here].

As of this posting, the auction price for this giant piece of memorabilia sits at $3,338…

But according to the official NHL auctioning site, that’s USD$3,338. So with today’s exchange rate, that is roughly $4,285 Canadian, with two days still remaining. Yikes!

I guess in the grand scheme of things, a little over four thousand dollars isn’t all that bad for something of such massive scale and memorability.

Edmonton Oilers official logo
Edmonton Oilers official logo

But what could you do with such a giant sign?

I guess one could use it as a round table. But getting something of this size into a “man cave,” would probably prove impossible. Imagine having this sign on your front lawn? People would be stopping to take photos constantly, I’m sure of it.

The bidding for the sign started on June 2nd, at $500. On the first 5 days of the auction, the price hit $1,000. For some reason, from June 6th to June 15th, there were zero bids, but from June 16th to yesterday (June 18th), that price has quickly risen to what it sits at now – $3,338. There were zero bids made today (June 19th).

I presume that on the last day of the auction, things will get heated quite quickly. I do expect the final bid to reach over USD$5,000, but there’s no certainty there. All we can do is wait it out.

From the official NHL auction page itself:

This incredibly unique piece of building history has now been made available to collectors as a result of the team’s move to Rogers Place this upcoming hockey

The winner of this sign will also receive a letter of authenticity from the Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club, providing the new owner with proof of purchase.


As of this posting, you have just shy of 48 hours to [make a bid].

If you plan on bidding, or have already made a bid, I wish you the best of luck!

Does owning this sign interest you at all?


Jody Mitoma

Founder of Edmonton Talks News.


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