Caution — Be Forewarned About Thief Lying for Gas Money

In essence, lying about needing money is basically theft. With that in mind, here’s a post about a local thief.

This is being posted as a courteous caution to you and yours. There has been a man making the rounds in and around Edmonton, asking locals for gas money. He goes on to say that his vehicle has run out of gas, when really, he’s just trying to get into your wallets. In fact, he has come to me personally in the east end’s Save On Foods parking lot on more than one occasion. This is unethical, and unfair to those who work hard for our money, and so this is why this post is being shared here on The Talk of Edmonton.

The start of the Mabrouka’s viral post reads:

Look out and be wary of this guy in the Oxford/Carlton area. A few months ago, he pulled up by my house as I got home from a walk, claiming to have run out of gas, and not have enough to get him back home to St. Albert. […]

Then goes on to say:
[…] A week later, same car drives up to my husband with the same guy behind the wheel, with his hazards on. When my husband recognizes him, and he realizes it, the guy takes off in a frenzy. Since then we’ve seen him pulling the same stunt just about weekly.

The full original Facebook post by Mabrouka Swenia:


With nearly 1,000 Facebook shares as of this post, the word surely is getting around, and for good reason. I figured I’d do my part in helping that word spread about fellow Edmontonians.

Although I help those that are less fortunate almost every chance that I get, I don’t agree with being lied to in an effort to gain my hard earned money.

Mabrouka, thank you for spreading the word about this person and his tricky ways. According to Mabrouka’s comment on the post itself, he reported this person to local authorities, but is unsure if the police will be able to do anything about the situation. Let’s continue to be safe out there, Edmonton. Thanks for having our backs. Don’t be a thief.


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Jody Mitoma

Founder of Edmonton Talks News.

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