Toronto is Getting its Own Mini Version of New York’s Central Park, Signature Park to be Named Rail Deck Park

The busy city of Toronto will be getting its own ‘Central Park’ in its downtown core.

When John Tory, the Mayor of Toronto, Ontario announced on Twitter that Toronto is working on re-imagining the rail corridor in its downtown core to something that resembles New York’s Central Park, Torontonians proved to Tory very quickly, that this is definitely something they want to see happen.

Tory made the announcement on Wednesday morning on his official Twitter page.

What will the park be called?

Of course, they won’t be calling it Central Park, but rather, Rail Deck Park (subject to changes, of course). The reason for this name is because it is being built on top of a rail deck already located there. The park will cover the rail tracks from Rogers Centre all the way to Bathurst Street, whilst the rail tracks below grade will still be functional.

HOW BIG WILL IT BE? — As to be expected, the park itself will not be nearly as large as New York’s Central Park. In fact, it is estimated to be less than 3% of its size. In the plans, it is said to cover 8.5 hectares of land. Let’s keep in mind that New York’s Central Park was preserved before the city exploded in the popularity that it withholds today. Toronto had no vision for such a park in its earlier days, so placing a park even a quarter the size of Central Park would prove to be next to impossible.

Here’s Tory’s original tweet:

Mayor of Toronto John Tory - Rail Deck Park announcementMayor John Tory goes on to say:

As our downtown grows, we need to create new public space for the people of Toronto.

Decking over the rail lands will create a seamless connection from our downtown to waterfront, a green oasis in TO.

The downtown core has less parkland than any other part of the city. With more families moving in, we need a new park.Toronto Mayor, John Tory

Central Park, New York City //
Central Park, New York City //


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