Western Petro Canada & Shell Gas Stations Running Dry on Gasoline; Could be Several Weeks

First it was only Petro Canada, but now Shell is running out of gas too.

It’s no secret, western Canada’s Petro Canada gas stations have been running out of gas for a number of days now. Many, if not all Petro Canada stations in Edmonton are completely dry, along with many others in Calgary, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Earlier today I drove by a Shell gas station, and it too had a gas price reading of “000.0”, which is a clear indication that gas has been depleted there as well. Shell stations in Okanagan, B.C. have been depleted also.

Shell in West Edmonton out of gas
Shell in West Edmonton out of gas

Why is this happening?

Suncor has spoken up about the issue, and has informed that the shortage of fuel is due to the northern Alberta wildfire “The Beast“, combined with an outage that had occurred at their Edmonton refinery earlier this week.

Petro Canada gas station completely out of fuel
Petro Canada gas station completely out of fuel

The Suncor refinery located in Edmonton produces roughly 140,000 barrels of oil every day and provides for gas stations near, and as far as Thunder Bay, Ontario.

There are many other cities in western Canada that have reported running out of fuel at their Petro Canada and Shell stations.

Petro Canada gas station out of fuel
Petro Canada gas station out of fuel

When will they restock?

As of this writing, there is no clear indication as to when these gas stations will be restocked with petroleum or diesel. In fact, it could even be several weeks.


So for now, all we can do is just forget about the Petro points and head on over to another station to fuel up.

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Drive safe out there, Edmonton.



Jody Mitoma

Founder of Edmonton Talks News.


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