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BC SPCA Investigating Abbotsford Poultry Farm for Animal Abuse

The BC SPCA has initiated an investigation after Animal Justice filed a complaint regarding alleged abuse at a chicken facility in Abbotsford.
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Warning: This story contains disturbing details describing alleged animal cruelty. Discretion is advised.

On June 28, an Abbotsford resident is said to have witnessed alleged abuse at the chicken facility. She recorded workers “clutching multiple chickens upside down in each hand, throwing the struggling chickens into crates, and shoving the crates closed while chickens’ legs and wings were still protruding.”

The BC SPCA is pleading to the provincial government to adopt standards that already exist for domesticated animals, to be applied to farm animals.  Animal Justice is now calling for charges under the provincial Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

“When rounded up for slaughter, chickens farmed for meat routinely endure unfathomable cruelty,” said lawyer Anna Pippus, director of farmed animal advocacy for Animal Justice in a statement.

“It is well-documented that these vulnerable baby animals are frightened and stressed, regularly suffering from broken bones, dislocated joints, bruising, and bleeding. Animal Justice’s position is that business-as-usual in the chicken industry violates animal protection laws that prohibit causing animals to be in distress. If someone were treating puppies this way, we’d be outraged and demand prosecution. Chickens are no different in their desire to be free from suffering and we should equally protect them from harm.”

The BC SPCA is now investigating if any animal protection laws have been broken.

This investigation comes weeks after six employees were fired following the release of undercover footage allegedly showing appalling brutal and sadistic treatment of chickens on several B.C. poultry farms.

The video, which was filmed by a member of an animal rights group working undercover, allegedly shows birds being shoved and thrown against the wall amonsgt other unspeakable acts of violence.

In a social media post, the BC SPCA is asking people to tell the Minister of Agriculture that animal lives matter.


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