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About Edmonton Talks News


Edmonton Talks News is the latest online news source to make its way into the capital city of Alberta. Established on April 12, 2016, this brand new news and information website is responsible for giving its locals and abroad a reliable source of information on news that is happening right now.

In an effort to stand out from the many other leading news and information deliverers in and around the Edmonton region, Edmonton Talks News puts its focus on news that appeals to the masses, as well as any news and happenings that are lesser known to the general public.

Edmonton Talks News’s website is updated with new information and breaking news throughout the day. The main focus at Edmonton Talks News is to make sure that you are made aware of what’s going on in the city of Edmonton.


Personal & Other — jody@talks.news
News Tips — tipedmonton@talks.news
Phone — 587.873.5873


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Talks News is the parent company to all of the local-based news websites found across Canada. (Under development)

Jody Mitoma

Jody Mitoma

Founder & Journalist

I am the sole-journalist for Edmonton Talks News. I started this news website in order to provide Edmontonians and abroad with the urgent, uplifting and underground news that news moguls don’t report on. I also tend to post about reminders and give the spotlight to locals doing their part in bettering this city. Thanks for reading!