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Government Releases Statistics About Alberta’s Drunk & Drugged Drivers

Surprisingly, most Albertans do not realize the grave penalties of drugged driving.
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ALBERTA — Impaired driving is the leading cause of criminal death in Canada, and the number of fatal car crashes with drugs being present in the vehicle or in the deceased driver continues to grow each year.

This is concerning. There are countless options for getting from point A to point B in Alberta. Edmonton’s Uber operations have recently started back up again. The Edmonton-based TappCar service is available in both Edmonton and Calgary now. Taxi, and the many options provided by the ETS (Edmonton Transit Systems). There is just no excuse for drunk or drugged driving. You not only risk your own life, but the lives of other innocent people on the roads.

It is absolutely essential that when you are using drugs that you not drive and create that risk of death or injury to yourself or others.Andrew Murie, CEO of MADD Canada

These are the Facts:

• When the last Traffic Injury Research Foundation calculation occurred back in 2012, they indicated that drugs were detected in 40 percent of all killed drivers involved in fatal car crashes across the country.

• Alberta sits a percent higher than the national average, at 41 percent. This was learned when 82 drivers who were killed in collisions in 2012 were tested positive for drugs.

• In addition to that, 71 other drivers involved in fatal car accidents failed an alcohol test during that same year. 34 of the prior mentioned deceased drivers tested positive for both.

• Little known fact: Driving a vehicle under the influence of drugs – whether legal or illegal – can result in an impaired driving charge. For example, even though salvia is legal to purchase and smoke (no longer legal as of Feb. 2016), it is still not legal to drive shortly after or while smoking it.

• In a driver attitude study published in 2014, it was learned that seven out of ten Albertans agreed that there are too many people driving under the influence of legal or illegal drugs on our roads.

• It had also been learned that only 55 percent of Albertans make sure to have driving arrangements made when they plan to, or have already taken drugs, instead choosing to drive under the influence.

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