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PHOTOS: Breathtaking Alberta Lightning, Storm & Rainbow Captures

We’ve had an incredible week of thunderstorms and showers throughout Alberta.
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When the storms hit, social media exploded with beautiful photographs and videos of lightning bolts, intense clouds and beautiful rainbows. Here we’ve decided to take to Facebook and Twitter and embed all of the best media that we felt really made an extremely strong visual impact.

It all started a few days ago. Edmonton was hit with severe thunderstorms and heavy showers. Streets were flooding, one of the Whitemud underpasses was so heavily flooded that it had to be completely shut down, lightning was striking and thunder was booming. Then the day after, Fort Saskatchewan underwent some flooding as well, along with some rather intense hail. The following day, Edmonton had undergone more flooding, with the same Whitemud underpass being closed down yet again. Days later, Fort McMurray felt the pain of flooding as well, as if they haven’t endured enough suffering from The Beast just three months ago.

Well, without further ado, let’s dive right into it! Here is the incredibly eye catching photography and video work of our Albertan storm chasing (and non-storm chasing) communities & neighbours! Oh, and feel free to like, follow, share, retweet or friend any of them directly from within this article!

First we’ll start off with Facebook:

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Now here are some Edmonton storm shots from Twitter:

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Here’s more Tweets from across Alberta:

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Here are shots from June & earlier July, but too awesome not to share:

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Here are a few rainbows caught over the week, too:

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Here’s a little storm cloud that just couldn’t grow larger:

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Lastly, more stunning photos taken these past few weeks that are from Alberta, but aren’t storms:

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We truly hope you enjoyed the compilation!

We’ll try and do more posts of this nature, not only because it’s incredible to look at, but also because we love to share the work of fellow Edmontonians and Albertans with our viewers. We hope that the publicity that this post endures, brings these photographers new followers and potentially even some new friends.

The reason we haven’t credited any of the photographers in this post is because we made sure to embed the original posts from Facebook and Twitter. This way, if you wanted to, you could easily follow/friend/like the person or page that the original photograph was taken/posted by. 🙂

If you capture any intense weather occurring in the Edmonton metropolitan area anytime in the future, please do not hesitate to send it to us if you wish to be featured in one of our future extreme weather articles.


Jody Mitoma

Founder of Edmonton Talks News.

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