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ATB Financial Tells the Alberta Story Through Projected Highrise Video

ATB Financial is one of western Canada’s first banks to accept payment through Apple Pay. This video, projected onto ATB Financial’s ATB Place in downtown Edmonton on May 17th, tells the story of Alberta in under ten minutes.

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The beautiful video is 10 minutes long, but feel free to use YouTube’s video speed option to watch it at 2x speed if you’re short on time. This is something I personally use for almost every video I watch on YouTube. 😋 If you’re not short on time, watch it at normal speed though, because this is truly one remarkable projection.

Apple Pay is here. And here is home:

Here is the full video description:

On May 17, 2016, ATB Financial celebrated being a key part of Apple Pay’s expansion in Canada by telling the story of Alberta in a never-before-seen building projection. Viewers experienced Alberta in a thrilling nine-minute movie that transformed ATB Place into a shining 4K screen powered by 80,000 lumens of ATB’s love for this province. (For context, a good flashlight has 200 lumens.) We asked ourselves how best to introduce the people of Apple Pay to the people of Alberta. The answer came in 17 short stories

1. Countdown: The projected clock image started at 10 pm, 30 minutes before show time, and the very visual countdown delivered to those watching the very thrilling sense that countdowns do, the sense that they are heading for something new and exciting.

2. Opening: The curtains unfurl the theme of the building projection: Apple Pay is here. And here is home.

3. Landmarks: The opening image is among the most startling and provocative: the Calgary Tower transplanted virtually onto the banks of the North Saskatchewan River, a visual salute to Alberta’s beautiful city on the Bow. Also included in this chapter are renderings of some of the province’s iconic structures, including the water tower, oil derrick, windmill, wheat field , the dinosaur, the grain elevator, the giant Pysanka, and the pyramids of the capital city.

4. Gone Fishin’: The story then spirits the viewer to a Rocky Mountain gorge that fills ATB Place with the water that is home to a very curious rainbow trout that has the courage to explore another medium.

5. Northern Lights: The aurora borealis are the greatest outdoor show above Earth, and Albertans are regularly gifted by their appearance.

6. Thoughts Above: Higher learning also captures the attention of Alberta students in the sciences and arts, theoretical and practical, and our communities are uplifted by their passions.

7. Stormy Weather: Alberta skies deliver teachings of their own, and there is little that is more dramatic than a prairie thunderstorm and little that we are more grateful for than the moisture it leaves behind.

8. Four Seasons: This province is a place in motion, and that is nowhere more clear than the cycle of seasons that carries us from spring to summer to autumn to winter, and repeat. We know change in our bones.

9. Playing Fields: Yes, this province is a place in motion, and that is also evident in the sports that keep us moving in all seasons.

10. Crossy Alberta: Yes, yes, this province is a place in motion. The back roads, the secondary highways, the main roads and all the roadways great and small in between (and all the vehicles small and great that propel us) are channels for Albertans on their way to work, to the farm, to the community hall, to a new job, to the mountains, to the lake, to home.

11. Night Driving: Yes, yes, yes, this province is a place in motion. And emotion. We added two special highway markers – Highway 63 and Highway 881 – to remind Albertans to keep sending help to Fort McMurray. (The animation of the Dunvegan Bridge was inspired by YouTube video from Chris Vazquez.)

12. Fireworks: A nighttime light show needs night sky blossoms to bring out the ooohs and aaahs.

13. Happy People: This section celebrates the artists—the dancers, musicians, the performers of all kinds—who make us laugh and cry and move and be.

14. Night Life: There’s some rave here, some disco here, some dance machine here, some muscle flexing from the animators here.

15. Lifestyle: Alberta is a young province, a creative and restless province full of people who seek out solutions that are smart, simple, and helpful. Apple Pay is just one example of what ATB offers on that front.

16. Alberta Shield: And so, by this point in the show, we hope that a richer, multi-dimensional picture of Alberta and Albertans has begun to take shape. Yes, we are the official stuff, like the well-known shield.

17. Facing The Future: But we are also, and more importantly, the beautiful, resilient, innovative people of the hamlets, work camps, villages, towns and cities of this place. And that is a forward-facing richness so worth contemplating. Fin: Apple Pay is here. And here is home. May 17, 2016, Edmonton, Alberta.

For more on Apple Pay, visit www.atb.com/applepay

Thanks to the artists at ATB Financial and Production World.ATBFINANCIALVIDS‘ on youtube

If you want to know my personal opinion, I will tell you this. Projected videos of this sort need to happen on a more frequent basis. This was absolutely stunning, and I only wish I could have known about it before hand so that I could have watched it live in person.

Thank you for this spectacle, Dave Mowat & the entire ATB Financial team. You are always one to try new things and show support in the best ways possible. I may have to look into changing banks here sooner rather than later.


ATB Financial's ATB Place projects Alberta's Crest to announce Apple Pay
ATB Financial’s ATB Place projects Alberta’s Crest to announce Apple Pay

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