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Man Facing Animal Cruelty Charges Has 23 Dogs Returned to Him

More than two months ago, The Alberta SPCA took over 200 animals into protective custody from a property in southern Alberta.
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On April 24th 2017, 131 dogs, 62 rabbits, eight cats and three tortoises were seized from the property of Ty Marshall, who is facing animal cruelty charges in relation to the seizure. Two of the dogs also had parvovirus and had to be put down in April. Since being taken from the property, several of the dogs and rabbits have given birth.

The Calgary Humane Society and Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) have been caring for 129 dogs since the seizure. Many of the dogs they took in needed treatment for dental disease, eye infections, mammary tumours, enlarged prostates and skin issues from matted fur, among many other issues.

According to the SPCA, 23 dogs, 17 rabbits, 8 cats and two tortoises have been returned to the property of Ty Marshall. In accordance with county bylaws, an owner can only have three adult dogs on their property. The other 20 animals are under 12 months old, meaning they’re not covered by the bylaw. The other animals involved in the seizure are also not covered under the bylaw. They have been returned in compliance with a consent order, which takes into account the space, staffing and a person’s experience with caring for the animals.

SPCA will be keeping an eye on the property to ensure those animals are safe and cared for.

Because it’s a property where animals have been sold, then under the animal protection act we do have the right to inspect the property, we will use that to make sure he stays in compliance with the consent order.

One of the seized dogs that will soon be adopted out by the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society — AARCS

According to The Calgary Humane Society’s post on their Facebook page, the dogs won’t be able to be adopted out right away. Staff has asked people who are interested to keep an eye on their website for updates.

“We weren’t able to keep all of the animals and sadly due to a bylaw technicality, some will have to be returned to Mr. Marshall,” the post reads.


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