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Kids Go Back to School Tomorrow • Reminder to Drive According to School Zone Speed Limits

Classes are back on tomorrow morning. School zones will be back in effect accordingly.
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EDMONTON — Students have been out of school since June 28th, but that all comes to an end as classes return bright and early tomorrow morning.

This is a friendly reminder to the hundreds of thousands of drivers that take to our roads on a daily basis to remember to drive 30 km/hr in all posted school zones during school hours.

More about school zones:

School zone speed limits are in effect between 8:00 AM and 4:30 AM every Monday through Friday.

The City of Edmonton re-introduced school zone speed limits in the city back in 2014 after having removed them for over 40 years – where it was one of the only major cities in the country without them.

No class days:

When students go back, their first weekend will be a long one.  Monday, September 5th is Labour day, which means there will be no classes.

Future days off for students are Monday, October 10th for Thanksgiving, Friday, October 21st for Professional Development (better known as PD) Day, and Thursday, November 10th and 11th for Day in Lieu and Remembrance Day.

According to a poll taken by Global News in 2014, just shy of 55% of voters think that reinstating school zones in Edmonton was a good idea, where 45% feel that they’re ineffective.

School zones are only located at local schools with elementary grades.

Full list of days off by the Edmonton Public School Board


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