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Edmonton Police Service Issued ~3,500 Tickets in 24 Hour Period on July 7, 2016

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The Edmonton Police Service had their big ticket event on July 7th. Thousands of tickets issued.

The EPS calls it “Operation 24 Hours.” It’s a big ticket event that is held by the city’s police service once monthly.

Edmonton Police Service officers and City of Edmonton automated enforcement issued 3,449 violation tickets in a 24 hour period on July 7, 2016.

Edmonton Police writes:

[…] a total of 3,030 speeding tickets were issued by EPS officers and automated enforcement. Traffic Safety Act violations such as seatbelt infractions accounted for 255 of the total, and officers issued 2 charges for Criminal Code offences.Edmonton Police


This is a jump of nearly 900 additional tickets being issued in comparison to the same month last year, when [the EPS issued just over 2,600 tickets], or nearly 500 more than their more recent [big ticket event of April this year].

It is uncertain if the number of officers involved in these big ticket events has grown substantially, but in February of 2013, this same big ticket event only [saw the writing of 1,824 tickets] to Edmontonians.

It looks like we have a trend here. As the months and years go by, it looks like the EPS continues to issue more and more tickets to those traveling on Edmonton’s roads during one of their “Operation 24 Hours”.

The City of Edmonton’s photo radar operators and automated enforcement systems issue over 500,000 tickets per year.

Take a look at Jack Shultz & his movement to dissipate photo radar from Edmonton’s roads.

The Edmonton Police Service goes on finishing the media release stating that “these regular enforcement campaigns throughout the year are to improve traffic safety on Edmonton’s roadways.”

[Full EPS media release]


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