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[UPDATED] TWO POSSIBLE TORNADOES — Brooks, Alberta; Southeast of Calgary

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A tornado may develop in the Brooks, AB area within the next 20 minutes.

UPDATE: 9:12 PM — Possible Vulcan tornado canceled at 9:09 PM. Possible Brooks tornado canceled at 9:12 PM. Remain safe out there in the severe weather!

Environment Canada released two special alerts informing Albertans that two separate tornadoes may start up just southeast of Calgary.

At the time being, they are both rotating severe thunderstorms, but either may worsen at a moment’s notice.


Environment Canada’s alerts:



Those living in and around the area are being informed to seek shelter immediately and get ready to head down to a basement if things worsen.

If you’re driving on the highway in the area, park your vehicle safely and seek a nearby ditch to take cover if you feel you are in the path of immanent threat.

Alberta’s weather has been wild lately. Storm-chasers have been heading to Alberta for this specific reason. Those here to chase storms, remain safe out there!


Jody Mitoma

Founder of Edmonton Talks News.

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