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Canada Post Strike May Begin this Weekend — Here’s What You Need to Know

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This strike would be terrible for small businesses, but great for couriers.

This is not a rumor, nor is it a joke. This is serious, and it has great potential to cause complete chaos for tens of thousands of businesses across Canada.

If the unionized workers of Canada Post go on strike this weekend, businesses that rely heavily on shipping products nationwide will have to make haste in finding a new delivery system for their clientele. Hundreds, if not thousands of businesses across Canada have already started making the switch to local couriers and other delivery services as the date for the contract end draws closer and closer.

Canada Post [delivers] ~9 billion letters, parcels & flyers per year.

Nobody knows for certain if Canada Post will in fact go on strike or if they will be locked out this weekend, but as each day passes, it seems that chances are leaning more and more towards this actually happening.

If they do go on strike, then that means that this Thursday that just passed, will have been the last day for delivery service from the company until said strike ends.

Canada Post, founded in 1867, employs roughly 50,000 delivery and plant working Canadians.

RISING SHIPPING COSTS — Alternative shipping methods such as FedEx and Purolator are far more expensive than using Canada Post — we’re talking four times as expensive — so if this strike does in fact occur, these tens of thousands of businesses will have no choice but to pay more to ship their products, and as you may already know, this will more than likely end up being an additional cost to us; the end consumers.

“We’re already seeing a slowdown in our depots,” said Canada Post spokesman Jon Hamilton. “Companies are making decisions to go around Canada Post. We hope many of them come back, but that’s no guarantee.”CBC News

If they do in fact go on strike, it is unknown at this time just how long said strike would last. Let’s hope that it doesn’t last long at all, because as we are well aware, this company is a source of income for at least 50,000 of our nation’s population.

DO THEY HAVE YOUR MAIL? — If Canada Post is in possession of a letter or parcel that you provided for delivery, unfortunately it will not be delivered until the strike has come to an end.


Jody Mitoma

Founder of Edmonton Talks News.

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