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Canadian Union of Postal Workers to Rally at the Prime Minister’s Office August 6

The CUPW will be rallying for decent pensions, pay equity and a sustainable public postal service.
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CANADA — A rally will be taking place at the Prime Minister’s constituency office located in Montreal, Quebec in an attempt to get the government of Canada to provide postal workers with decent pension plans, equal pay measures, and sustainable public postal services across the nation.

They are doing so because they want the government to update Canada Post’s agenda and tell management to get serious at the bargaining table.

The CUPW knows that “the government of Canada has created the first gender-equal cabinet, taken steps to improve retirement security, and initiated a review to ensure Canadians received quality postal services at a reasonable price”, but they argue that “Canada Post management is moving in the opposite direction when it comes to negotiations.” — Newswire

The CUPW and Canada Post have not been on the best terms for quite some time now.

Finally, the CUPW has had enough, and is taking things a step further, this time heading to the highest level of government.

Canada Post and the CUPW have tried to come to an arrangement, but in the end, couldn’t come to an agreement that both parties were happy with.

This later led to the CUPW threatening with a strike, then later, Canada Post threatening with a lock-out.

Although the CUPW did not strike, and Canada Post did not lock out its employees, Canada Post still lost a very large percentage of its customers due to their customers worrying whether or not Canada Post’s postal service suddenly came to a halt.

Postal workers and friends will gather at Parc Saint-Alphonse at 1:00 pm, Saturday August 6th, and march to Justin Trudeau’s office. Buses will depart Quebec City at 9:00 am and Ottawa at 10:00 am to bring postal workers and friends to the rally.Newswire

We will keep you informed of any further proceedings due to this rally or otherwise.


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