Curvalicious Canada Looking for Curvy Canadians; Coming to Edmonton October 11th – 13th

Curvalicious Canada is looking for curvy Canadian woman to fill up their 2017 Diva Calendar.

EDMONTON — Curvalicious Canada is looking for twelve women across the country to fulfill their 2017 Diva Calendar, and they’ll be in Edmonton on October 11th, 12th & 13th if you’re interested in participating.

Those chosen will also be featured in a documentary showcasing their lives.

They will be looking for women in eleven larger cities across Canada, including Edmonton and Calgary.

You must be over the age of 19 to participate, as well as be at least a size 8.

In addition, an even larger prize:

Out of the 12 chosen for the calendar, one person will be chosen to become Curvalicious Canada’s Brand Ambassador, which you will then be gifted with a brand new 2017 vehicle along with a sterling silver necklace, a spread in Fashion Addition 14+, be on the cover of Canada Plus Magazine, and on top of all that, receive a one year modeling contract with Canadian Curves Modeling.

Curvalicious Canada poster

Curvalicious Canada writes in a press release:

Curvalicious Canada doesn’t believe in numbers because beauty goes beyond the scale, Curvalicious Canada invites Canadian women to “love and respect their curves.”  Proceeds from the calendar will go to the BBCA (Body Conference Canada Awards) and the NAAFA Canada Chapter (National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance). In support of all women, Curvalicious Canada will be donating toiletries to woman’s shelters in cities across Canada.Curvalicious Canada

View their promotional video:

They go on to say:


Curvalicious Canada is an organization where plus-size people can find a place to be themselves and meet like-minded people. We invite you to connect with us and get involved in our various events.

Come to relax, party, meet new friends and be yourself without being judged.Curvalicious Canada

View the full press release for more info!


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Jody Mitoma

Founder of Edmonton Talks News.


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