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Dauphine Bakery and Bistro at 101 Ave. & 104 St. is Closing Forever as of Saturday, August 27

If you’re one for excellent local bakery, take a look at Dauphine Bakery and Bistro before they close their doors indefinitely.
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Saturday, August 27th is your last chance to try out and show your support for Dauphine Bakery and Bistro, besides their appearance at local markets.

If you’re interested in being one of the last customers to attend their brick and mortar location, their bakery is located at 10129 104 Street here in Edmonton.

Thankfully however, they will have booths set up at both the City Market and the 124 Grand Market after their brick and mortar shop closes down.

Dauphine Bakery and Bistro exterior sign

Dauphine Bakery and Bistro is responsible for baking high quality breads, tarts and other exquisite sweets according to EJ.

The owners of the bakery inform EJ that the reason for their upcoming closure is due to a very unfortunate unsolvable issue with their building’s landlord.

Dauphine Bakery and Bistro, Indoors
Dauphine Bakery and Bistro, Indoors
One supporter of the bakery writes:

So very sorry to hear this news. Wonderful baking. Yummy bread. Great food. Prices in keeping with other bakeries that use real butter and quality ingredients and make everything from scratch. It is a shame that a maniac mean spirited landlord with lots of money can get away with harassing the tenants in his building and close down a family business. This is not the first tenant he has done this to. He is a blot on everything good about 104 Street.Letisha McFall


Jody Mitoma

Founder of Edmonton Talks News.

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