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A Fresh New Doughnut Shop Recently Opened in Edmonton • They Called it Doughnut Party!

Edmontonians just got a cute new doughnut shop, and it looks incredibly delicious!
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EDMONTON — Doughnuts, better known to be spelled ‘donuts’ to Canadians. We all love them because, well, they’re pretty amazing. But have you ever tried a doughnut not created by a massive restaurant chain?

If you haven’t been lucky enough to yet, you should make your way out to a new doughnut shop that just had its soft launch a couple of weeks ago.

Doughnut Party is located at 10938 119 Street in Edmonton, Alberta.

It’s open from 8 am until 1:30 pm from Tuesday to Friday, and 9 am until 2 pm on Saturdays.

However, there’s a very interesting catch…

According to their website, Doughnut Party will only be open until they’ve sold out of their last doughnut. If they’re sold out before you’ve arrived to their doorstep, they’ll be closed, so be wary, and come early! And yes, they’re entirely closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Here’s one review found on their Facebook:

The lovable and cheerful character settled in the center of a pink doughnut invites you with open arms to Doughtnut Party. The aroma of sweet pastry invades your senses as you escape from the cold Edmonton climes into the oasis of tastiness. An atmosphere of warmth and openness is created from the lighting, the reddened brick backdrop, and the charming “hosts” of the Doughnut Party. Delectable, Delicious, and Divine.Doughnut Party Facebook reviews

Sold out! More tomorrow! 📷➡️ @randeearmstrong 🙌😘

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Thank you, thank you so very much. We are absolutely thrilled and overwhelmed by your support and excitement for our product and business. You have sold us out, more than once, over the last four days and we haven’t even officially launched yet. Everyone keeps telling us “not having enough product is a great problem to have” but – real talk – it isn’t, we hate parties that don’t have enough snacks and we want to be great party hosts so we feel bad when you are disappointed because you have to either wait, come back or we are sold out. With that said, we are going to take the next couple days to re-group, have a nap party, drink some wine, buy at least 3 more tables for the kitchen, and strategize to improve our efficiency which will ultimately improve your experience. We’ll be open again on Thursday and can’t wait to see you ✌️ (Thanks to @shehalejandra for the cutest little snap)

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I mean, wow. Doesn’t that just look delicious?

We haven’t had a chance to try out the doughnuts personally, but taking a look at the comments being left on social media, and the straight 5.0 star rating on Facebook, it’s to be expected that they’re pretty darn great. We look forward to giving it a try!


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Founder of Edmonton Talks News.

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