Event Notice: “Picnic in the Park” by Edmonton’s Own “Earth Angels” Happening this Saturday

Earth Angels are holding their third and final ‘picnic in the park’ of the year this Saturday.

EDMONTON — The wonderful Earth Angels group, focused on helping our own less-fortunate, is having their final ‘Picnic in the Park’ event of the year on September 17th.

This event takes place at Dawson Park located at 10298 89 Street, just north of the river.

Jessie Olson, one of the founders of the initiative, writes the following on the official Facebook event page for Picnic in the Park:

Let us all get together to feed some hungry folks and have a great time! Remember the main thing is to give them some home cooked food and a relaxing afternoon! !! Together we can make a difference! ! And we do!Jessie Olson

The last event:

The last event held by the Earth Angels was quite the success, and I had the opportunity to help out and take part in it personally. It was a beautiful sight to see. We completely ran out of food!

Jessie and Darrell have been working hard, putting hours and hours into cooking some fresh home cooked meals for Edmonton’s less fortunate.

Take a look at our article about the last event
Feel free to join us. The Earth Angels group description reads:

This is a group that was created to help feed our homeless some home cooked food as well as to help provide provisions that many are in need of. Our goal is to hlp our own, in as many ways as we can!

Earth Angels, Founders
Earth Angels, Founders
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