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GAS UP! Edmonton is Getting a 14 Cent Gas Price Hike

Heads up Edmontonians, we’re getting a gas price hike! Gas prices are being reported at 95.9/L on Gas Buddy. This is a jump of 14 cents per litre from our prior prices hovering around the 81.9/L mark.

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If you’re heading home around 4 or 5pm this evening after work, I highly suggest you open up the Gas Buddy app (download it if you don’t have it yet), and check your nearest station still sitting at the 81.9/L mark if you wish to save some money in the coming days.

These gas price hikes come out of nowhere, and it isn’t always known when the next one will happen. If Gas Buddy gives a heads up about a gas price imminent, I will do my best to create a post before it starts happening.

There are quite a few stations already reporting at 95.9/L, so it may be a bit difficult to find one still hovering around 81.9/L. Drive safe out there, Edmonton!

It was just announced 45 minutes ago by the Wall Street Journal that oil prices for 2016 has set a new record high. This probably caused prices at the pump to jump.

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Jody Mitoma

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