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Edmonton Police Issue ~3,000 Tickets in a Single Day

The Edmonton Police (EPS) had their usual monthly “Big Ticket Event” on Tuesday, April 19th. You know, the one where they actually advertise it publicly on those massive signs across the city and spend a full 24 hours catching you doing illegal stuff? Yeah, that one.

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What boggles my mind the most, is how Edmontonians allowed for 2,940 traffic violation tickets to be issued on this single day. This is actually quite shameful.

Of the 2,940 tickets issued, 2,608 of them were speeding tickets. That translates to 89% of all tickets given that day. Thankfully however, I know an easy way to prevent this many speeding tickets from being issued: Don’t. Speed.

Of the speeders, a few of them in particular stood out.

Officers stopped a number of excessive speeders during the traffic safety campaign, including a motorcycle travelling 108 km/h in a 50 km/h zone across the Low Level Bridge during the early afternoon. Four additional vehicles were recorded travelling more than 50 km/h over the posted speed limit in the area of Anthony Henday Drive and Manning Drive.Edmonton Police Service

Truth be told, if I’m being entirely honest, I feel that anyone caught travelling 50km/h over the posted speed limit should have their vehicles impounded and have their license taken away for a minimum of 30 days. But maybe that’s just me.

This February, EPS issued 2,295 tickets, and in March they issued 2,363. Comparing with this month’s results, that’s certainly quite the jump. Here’s to hoping May’s results are a little better.

via Alberta Police Report


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