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SCAM WARNING: Edmonton Police & RCMP Will Never Call & Ask for Donations

Lately a scam has been making the rounds where people will get calls from supposed EPS/RCMP.
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Scammers are trying to gather your money. Don’t let them. We felt it was necessary to bring this scam to our readers’ attention before they gather any other money from uninformed citizens.

This donations scam was first brought to our attention by one of our readers earlier. He works as a Senior Advocate for the Community Advocacy Intervention Services here in Edmonton. Later, a question was seen as a visitor’s post on the Edmonton Police Service Facebook page by another local as well, which was initially posted on Thursday, August 18th. The scam is not only occurring in the city of Edmonton, but the entire province of Alberta; and potentially even country-wide as well.

More information about the scam:

At least one of the caller’s phone numbers is 780.484.9222. There are more than likely other numbers however.

The person on the other line will call its victims, falsely inform them that they are with the Edmonton Police or local RCMP, and go on asking for donations in an attempt to stop cyber bullying.

The police impersonator will be persistent about the whole ordeal, and will not give up – more than likely until you hang up the phone, so keep that in mind.

Here’s the visitor’s post on the EPS Facebook page:

Here’s the Edmonton Police’s response:

Numerous locals have contacted the Community Advocacy Intervention Services reporting that they’ve been getting these calls as of August 15th, 2016.

The callers will inform you that they work for the Canadian Police Association – which is a real organization – however the EPS and the RCMP have both confirmed that they do not support this supposed campaign.

A Senior Advocate for CAIS informs us:

These callers are very aggressive and will not end calls when asked to, often making several return calls even after being refused. Contact with the Association has confirmed that although they do support campaigns for anti bullying, they are not fundraising in the Alberta zone at this time.David Peters


Jody Mitoma

Founder of Edmonton Talks News.

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