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Metro Line LRT Trains Have Increased Speeds Starting Today

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Metro Line LRT Trains have increased their speeds as of June 19, 2016.

EDMONTON — Thankfully, Metro Line has become a little bit faster as of today, at least, at some specific locations anyway.

As of Sunday, June 19, Metro Line trains will be increasing speeds, including at the pedestrian crossings at 108 Avenue and 113 Avenue.

Trains will be permitted to run between 107 Avenue and Kingsway Avenue at 35 km/h and between 111 Avenue and the crossing at 106 Street at 50 km/h.


This increase in speed will allow for trains to get to their destinations a bit quicker, which may in turn help with traffic flow, but unfortunately, the temporary speed restrictions are still in effect over the roadway crossings, which will require trains to slow to 25 km/h over any intersections that meets with traffic.

Here’s to hoping that speeds at intersections can increase in due time.


Too bad we don’t have a Skytrain like that of Vancouver.

Jody Mitoma

Founder of Edmonton Talks News.

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