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Fire Aid for Fort McMurray Concert Tickets are ~80% Sold!

This is just a courteous caution to everyone that the tickets for the Fire Aid for Fort McMurray concert happening at Commonwealth Stadium are selling out, and extremely quickly!

DYK Post

In less than 24 hours from the debut of these tickets, roughly 80% of them have already been spoken for.

If you were wanting to check out the 12-band show happening on June 29th, then you’d best buy your tickets sooner rather than later.

Here’s a look at the sections with seats still available:

The lighter blue areas are nearly sold out, with single seats available all over the place. The darker blue areas are nearly untouched. The grey, sold out.

Fire Aid at Commonwealth Stadium - Available seats

Here’s a closer look at what seats are currently available:
Fire Aid at Commonwealth Stadium - Available seats - Close up available seats

Learn more about the Fire Aid for Fort McMurray concert

As you can see upon closer inspection, your choice of seats are running extremely slim just 24 hours after seats started going on sale.

If you’re interested in buying some tickets to this support concert, you’d best quit playing around and head on over to ticketmaster.ca!

Proceeds from the Fire Aid concert will be going directly to the Fort McMurray United Way.


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