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Self-made Weatherman, Frankie MacDonald out of Nova Scotia, Given Silver Play Button Award by YouTube

Frankie MacDonald, the controversial amateur weatherman out of Nova Scotia has finally been awarded by YouTube for his success over the course of the past six years.
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CANADA — Frankie MacDonald, otherwise known by his YouTube alias ‘dogsandwolves‘, has just recently surpassed 100,000 followers on his controversial YouTube account.

If you haven’t heard of Frankie’s weather forecasts, which he covers much of North America, and abroad, you need to take a look. He brings a smile to one’s face by simply doing what he loves doing. That’s the life.

Frankie has notified Edmontonians specifically, on many, many cases of good or bad weather approaching our skies. His latest one for Edmonton, Alberta can be watched further down this article.

Here is Frankie MacDonald and his shiny award:
Frankie MacDonald & Silver Play Button award
Frankie MacDonald & Silver Play Button award

Frankie’s latest Edmonton weather forecast kindly informs Edmontonians about a major rainstorm headed that way on Sunday, May 22, 2016.

Here’s that video for you now:

If you’re interested in checking out more Edmonton, Alberta forecasts by Frankie himself, he has pages and pages of them for you [right here].

Here we have Frankie announcing to his fans, his brand new Silver Play Button award:

Frankie officially joined YouTube on June 13, 2011, currently has 127,288 subscribers to his channel, over 1,400 videos on his channel, and has raked in just shy of 25 million views with all of his videos.

In closing, here’s Frankie’s announcement about an upcoming action figure of himself, posted just two days ago:

Keep up the great work, Frankie! We hope to write about you once more when you’ve surpassed 1,000,000 subscribers!


Jody Mitoma

Founder of Edmonton Talks News.

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