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Edmonton’s Annual Free Admission Day is this Sunday, September 30th! Free Family Fun

On Sunday, September 30, 2018, the City of Edmonton is having its annual ‘Free Admission Day’, which allows for anyone to enter – completely free of charge – nearly 20 city services.
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EDMONTON | This is something I feel needs more publicity, so I’ve decided to write a little about it to make sure that it is a well known thing. The City of Edmonton has a thing called “Free Admission Day”, and it seems to always be sometime at the end of September. (In 2016 it was on September 25th.) (UPDATE: Thanks to an anonymous tipster, it is always on the last Sunday of September.)

The free services in question range from recreation centres, attractions and cultural facilities, and the hours are from 10am until 6pm (hours may vary a little depending on which service).

This is the perfect opportunity to spend time with loved ones and just get out there and have a blast! If you’re quick enough, and have the time available to you, it may be possible to hit up two or more different services!

Here’s a full list of services and attractions that will be free on September 30th:


Recreation Centres


YMCA Community Centres

Those of you able to drop off food donations, the Terwilegar & Meadows Community Recreation Centres, as well as the Edmonton Valley Zoo, will be accepting food donations, and are official food bank drop-off locations. Most other locations listed above will be accepting monetary donations.

As to be expected, the City of Edmonton suggests, and even encourages, that people make use of Edmonton Transit Service in order to prevent traffic messes and parking lot overflow issues.

If you are able to assist with volunteer work during Free Admission Day events, the help is always appreciated. For more questions regarding volunteering, you can e-mail the City of Edmonton directly at rfsvolunteer@edmonton.ca, or call 780.496.4935.

Help us get the word out there about this awesome, once-a-year opportunity for you and your fellow Edmonton neighbours.

For more information on Free Admission Day, see here.


Jody Mitoma

Founder of Edmonton Talks News.

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