Heads Up! Gas Prices in Edmonton are Jumping Up to 109.9

Despite Edmonton’s gas prices jumping just days ago, they’re jumping up again.

On June 2nd – just 10 days ago – gas prices in Edmonton were sitting at roughly 93.9. A few days ago, those prices jumped up to 101.9. Now, we sit at 109.9.

It’s crazy how fast gas prices can jump up without a reasonable explanation.

Feel free to check out the [full list of gas prices in Edmonton via GasBuddy].

Are we to assume that these price jumps are because [Western Petro Canada and Shell stations were out of gas for the past couple weeks] due to an issue at the Edmonton refinery and the issues that the [Beast wildfire caused in and north of Fort McMurray?]

Because other than that, I don’t see what would cause the jump in price seeing as the price of oil has actually been dropping for the past three consecutive days now.

I grew up in Ontario, spending most of my life in Sudbury, ON. When I moved to Alberta, I was very pleased to see that our gas prices here were roughly 30 cents per liter cheaper on any given day. This had been the case for the past four consecutive years since I’ve moved here, but today… Today’s a different story.

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For some unknown reason, gas prices in Edmonton, AB are actually 2 cents HIGHER than those of [Sudbury, ON]. I would have never imagined I would see this day.


Either way, this is just a friendly caution that our prices are going up again, and there’s nothing we can do to stop it.

Reminder: Take a look at [GasBuddy] to see if a station near you is still sitting lower than 109.9 if you need to fill up the tank.


With that said, anyone looking forward to Alberta’s upcoming carbon tax on January 1, 2017? 

Jody Mitoma

Founder of Edmonton Talks News.


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