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Generations Daycare Has Licence Revoked

There have been numerous allegations of improper discipline methods against children, made against a local daycare in South West Edmonton, which has resulted in the daycare losing its licence to operate.  In late May, Children’s Services launched an investigation into the complaints against Generations Daycare which has been in operation for eight years.
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According to the summary of the inspection visit done by Children’s Services, multiple witnesses stated that a three year old child disclosed he was hit in the head by a staff member.  And on another occasion, a three year old revealed to his parents that a staff member pinched him and pulled his hair.  This allegation is currently under investigation by the Edmonton Police Service.  During the investigation of these incidents, two more allegations of abuse came forward including a claim that one witness observed a staff member slap a child across the face in February.

A statement from the owner states in part ” While we had been attempting to resolve any outstanding concerns of the relevant regulatory bodies, at this time, our first priority is working with the families that have trusted us for the past eight years to help them find alternative arrangements and to minimize the impact of the decision by Child Care Services to not reinstate our licence.  There are no confirmed incidents of child abuse and we take these allegations very seriously.”  Prabhjit Sahnan, Generations Daycare Owner and Director.

Children’s Services says parents with children who attend the daycare have been sent letters advising them the facility has had its licence revoked.  Generations also has an out of school program, but that is on a separate licence with different staff and continues to operate as usual.  Generations Daycare has had no previous official complaints leveled against them in the past or investigations done by Children’s Services prior to this occurrence.

According to the Government of Alberta website, if you are considering placing your child in a daycare program you want to make sure that you choose a safe, healthy environment that supports the social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional development of your child/children.  In Alberta, all licensed and approved child care programs must meet a minimum set of provincial standards.  The Alberta Child Care Accreditation program establishes  standards that  exceed those in the provincial standards.  These higher standards have been developed by members of the child care sector, together with the Ministry of Human Services.  An accreditation agency works with accredited programs to make sure they follow these standards.  This is a voluntary program and is the only one of its kind in Canada.  Look for the accreditation logo in your child care program.

If you have any questions regarding licensing you can contact the Children’s Services Licensing Office at 780-427-0444.  For more information on accreditation and how to find quality child care in our province, as well as an online tool and guide to help you begin your search, go [here].


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