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Edmonton Tree Removal Company “Ace of Trees” Provides Nearby Homes with Letter of Apology & Earbuds

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The day before chopping trees in an Edmonton neighbourhood, Ace of Trees puts earbuds in nearby mailboxes.

UPLIFTING — Ace of Trees is almost worthy of being given the “perfect business” award. The company’s customer ratings across the web are nothing short of exceptional. Doug, the owner of Ace of Trees Inc. has gone above and beyond for his customers, and even for people that aren’t bringing him or his business any income. Just yesterday, he did something incredibly caring and selfless.

A letter has gone viral on Reddit last night and into this morning. It’s a letter written by the owner of Edmonton’s Ace of Trees; a company that prides itself in tree removal, trimming, pruning, shaping, mulching, chipping and stump grinding for Edmonton, St. Albert, Spruce Grove, Fort Saskatchewan and Sherwood Park.

Here is the controversial letter and earbuds in question:
Edmonton company Ace of Trees provides nearby homes with earbuds // user fakemath on reddit
Ace of Trees provides nearby homes with earbuds // fakemath on reddit

Ace of Trees Inc. had a perfect 5-star rating on Google Reviews up until just a couple of days ago when someone gave them a 2-star rating for excessive noise in the early hours of the morning, dropping Ace of Trees’ rating down to a still very respectable 4.6 stars out of 5.

That poor review stated the following:

Will admit, they are doing a swell job on my neighbors property. Only thing is, it’s 7:30 In the ****in morning. Have some respect for your customers neighbors buddy.
They’re stupid wood shredding machine is right outside my bedroom window. Completely disrespectful to my household and the rest of my neighbors as well.Mickey Klam

It is uncertain if Ace of Trees started handing out these letters of apology packaged with a fresh pair of earbuds before or after the review above, but the owner replied to Mickey with the following commentary:

Hi Mickey, We very much apologize for disturbing your sleep this morning, but thanks for letting us know we’re doing a great job in your neighbourhood! Unfortunately, the season in which our small business operates is short and we have to take advantage of every day that we can to complete the jobs of our valued customers.Doug Burton, Owner

He went on to say:

With that said, Mickey, I believe your complaint of my company may be better received by contacting the city about their noise policy, rather than blemishing the reputation of my business on Google – where you are supposed to rate the quality of work that you received, not the quality of sleep that you had.Doug Burton, Owner

Doug, the owner of Ace of Trees then provided Mickey with a link to the City of Edmonton’s noise policy.

Ace of Trees is sporting a [perfect A+] on the Better Business Bureau, and has a rating of 9.9 out of 10 on [Homestars].

I think it’s rather safe to say that Ace of Trees provides no less than exceptional service to its customers (and non-customers, too!)

In an effort to bump their rating back up, I went on to rate them 5-stars on Google Reviews, despite not actually using their service. You can view my, and all other reviews [here].

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