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The 102 Avenue Bridge Over Groat Road to Open in Early August

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The bridge over Groat Road on 102 Ave. will finally be open in August.

The bridge on 102 Avenue just west of Jasper Avenue has been closed now for what seems like forever, but finally we’ve got some good news.

Last we were told, the bridge was on schedule to open sometime in September – that of which was exactly one year behind schedule.

The latest on the bridge construction however, is that it will be open to traffic in August; one month earlier than previously expected.

Edmonton 102 Avenue bridge girders buckledAs many will recall, the bridge construction came to a halt when several of the girders bent while crews were installing them. This caused massive delays to the construction of the bridge as crews had to wait for new girders to be manufactured and shipped. Shops and people living near the area were not happy about these delays, which is to be expected.

Edmonton's old Call the Kettle Black store frontSUFFERING SHOPS — The shops located at the utmost east end of 102 Avenue have been suffering severely due to the bridge’s construction; one business – Call The Kettle Black – was even forced to close up shop due to business slowing to a crawl as they relied heavily on people stopping by as they drove or walked by their location. It’s a real shame that nothing could have been done to save this local business. Other local shops have stated that the lack of drive-by traffic has caused major problems for their businesses as well.

CONSTRUCTION WILL CONTINUE — It’s expected that cars will be using the bridge over Groat Road in early August, however for the first few months after opening, single-lane closures will be necessary to complete sidewalk and other construction on the bridge itself.

MAJOR DELAY PENALTIES — Those contracted to construct this bridge have been forced to pay the City of Edmonton $11,500 in penalties for every single day they’ve exceeded the competition date of September 30th, 2015. That’s $3.85 million as of August 1st, 2016.


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