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Happening Now — Apartment Fire at 10625 122 Street; One Found Dead

UPDATE at 7:38 am — We now know that the deceased is a male, approximately in his 30s. Also, a photo of the aftermath can be viewed below via @paigeeparsons on Twitter:

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UPDATE at 7:00 am — As of 6:30 am, the fire is under control, however it is with heavy hearts we announce that one person was found dead at the scene. Details as to who the deceased is have not been released. To the deceased, may you rest in peace.

This is no way to wake up. There is a four storey apartment building fire at 106 Avenue and 122 Street right now. It looks like the flames started from one of the third storey apartments.

Police and firefighters are on scene evacuating the building and fighting the blaze.

There are very little details at this time. It is unknown what caused the fire to start, and it is unknown how much damage it has caused, but by looking at the photo, it looks like at least two stories have been affected.

Please steer clear from the scene and let police and firefighters do their jobs as efficiently as possible.

If you know anyone that has been affected by this fire this early morning, please do whatever you can to assist them. As I’m sure we’re all aware, being forced out of our home sweet homes, surely cannot be easy.

Image and information made available via @RobWilliamsCTV on Twitter.


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