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Happening Now — The Walterdale Bridge is Currently Closed (12AM) Until 5 AM Thursday Morning

UPDATE 5:15 AM — The installation of the new cross-beam has completed successfully, and the bridge is now re-open and ready for public use. Thank you!

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Those of you planning to travel late tonight or early tomorrow morning, please be aware that the old Walterdale Bridge is currently closed due to a bent cross-beam being replaced. Queen Elizabeth Park Road and Walterdale Hill Road are also closed at this time. The damage occurred when truck that was carrying a high load struck the beam.

UPDATE 1:48 AM — Here is a tweet/photo of the construction in progress:

The bridge has been shut down as of midnight (roughly an hour prior to this writing).

Hopefully this is the last repair to ever occur to this bridge, seeing as the new Walterdale Bridge is looking beautiful in its curves just east of the old one. Expected completion date for the new Walterdale Bridge is November of this year.

Here’s a look at what the new Walterdale Bridge will look like later on this year:

Edmonton Walterdale Bridge Replacement New

With the completion of the new Walterdale Bridge, the old green one will be torn down. Don’t forget to say your goodbyes to the 100+ year old bridge.

Edmonton Walterdale Bridge


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