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Timothy Maxwell’s Mightywheels.ca Team Aims to Helping All People Who Use Wheels

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Timothy Maxwell’s Mightywheels.ca is a team aimed at making Edmonton’s surfaces more wheel-friendly for all.

EDMONTON — A philanthropist at heart, Tim’s trying to help all people who use wheels, by running Mightywheels.ca. Mightywheels is a team of people aimed to help all people who use wheels, including but not limited to parents pushing baby strollers, people with walking devices or people in wheelchairs, so that they can use the surface areas of our city more efficiently and safely.

Maxwell started the team because he noticed just how poorly people with wheels get treated on a day to day basis. He’s been working at making our city surfaces better accessible for people with wheels for many years.

The team has already succeeded in getting accessibility ramps installed at several locations around the city, and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future.

Here’s Timothy Maxwell’s introduction video:
The Mightywheels website states:

We believe that it is much more then getting from point A to B in a timely manner. It take a community to come together and understand that accessibility the right to equal accessibility on a daily basis. It means more than just ramps, automatic doors, handicapped parking and elevators. It means independence and safety for that person, with the use of non-slip floors in washrooms, bigger turning radius’s for wheelchairs and scooters. Standards should be changed and go beyond just the minimum. For example a handicapped washroom requires a bar. That’s a start in the right direction. […]Mightywheels.ca

As you can see, a lot goes into making a public place accessible for people using wheels, but this should become the norm. Changes wouldn’t have to be made if these buildings were built acknowleding the fact that people using wheels is extremely common. There are countless people using wheels in Edmonton alone.

Maxwell goes on to say:

It takes a real wheel user to truly evaluate a handicapped door, handicapped ramp, or a handicapped parking stall, not some person with a measuring tape.Mightywheels.ca

Maxwell give kudos to the Callingwood Mac’s Convenience store for a well designed and accessible bathroom:


To view more of Maxwell’s videos, check out his YouTube account.

As of recent, Maxwell has been getting others to film him wheeling to certain locations around the city, to show everyone just how inaccessible some areas – indoor and out – can be, including public washrooms.

Maxwell has already met with some city staff in the planning department to talk about his ideas, but he is looking for a champion at city council that can help turn his dreams into a reality. By sharing this post, or any of his posts, you can help him by making his team more well known to Edmonton, its businesses, planning departments, and city council in general.

He studied Public Relations at Cariboo College in Kamloops, BC and then went on to study Communication at Edmonton’s MacEwan University.

Timothy Maxwell will be speaking at the Self Advocacy Federation on August 2 beginning at 4:00 PM. Learn more about Edmonton’s SAF here.

Thank you for what you’re doing, Timothy and the entire Mightwheels team. I am sure that this will be appreciated by many people, not only today, but in the many years to come.

For more info visit the Mightywheels website


Jody Mitoma

Founder of Edmonton Talks News.

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