McCain’s Pizza Pockets Have Been Removed from Canada Store Shelves, Replaced with New Line Marché • Pillsbury Poutine Pizza Pops

McCain’s Pizza Pockets are now a thing of the past. Pillsbury did not hesitate to respond to Canadian’s despair.

CANADA — In late August, McCain’s Pizza Pockets had left the store freezer’s of thousands of stores Across Canada. The very-loved pizza snack that was first introduced to Canadians in 1992. This caused a ruckus on Twitter and other social media very quickly.

More than likely because of this outrage, Pillsbury took to the whiteboard and came up with a new flavor for their Pizza Pops, and got it to store shelves as quickly as possible.

What wasn’t known by the public, is that McCain’s wasn’t simply removing their Pizza Pockets from store shelves for no reason. They released a new product line that is very similar to their old, very much loved Pizza Pockets lineup. That new product line goes by the name of McCain’s Marché, which contains three different products, with many different SKUs.

If you plan on heading to your local Walmart to get your own Poutin flavored Pillsbury Pizza Pops, here is what they look like:

Pillsbury Pizza Pops
Pillsbury Pizza Pops

Here we have McCain’s new Marché line. These look pretty good! Definitely not aimed to the younger population, that of which the product design of Pillsbury’s Pizza Pops seem to be.

Looking at the design of the box, it looks like this new product may be geared towards looking more healthy and more upscale and flavor-full than their prior line; Pizza Pockets.

McCain's New Marché Line
McCain’s New Marché Line

They also have two other lines; ‘Marché Pizza Pockets’ and ‘Marché Protein Pop-Ables’.

Have a look at the full product line for their Marché foods.


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