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Motorcycle and SUV (Not Bus) Accident, Yellowhead & 97 Street

UPDATE 11:30PM — Global Edmonton changed their mind about the motorcycle colliding with an ETS bus. Instead, the motorcycle collided with an SUV. My apologies for false information.

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UPDATE 5:30AM — According to Global News, the motorcycle had collided with an ETS bus, yet still there no further details are known at this time.

EDMONTON — A motorcycle accident occurred last night (Thursday, April 28) at roughly 9pm. It is not known what happened or who was at fault at the moment, nor if there were any life-threatening injuries due to the crash.

Although the accident occurred several hours ago now, please continue to avoid the area as of 1am on April 29th. According to an inside source, the crash is still being investigated and the area is still covered in police activity. No local major news networks have covered the crash as of this posting, so information is lacking at the moment.

Here are a few tweets mentioning the accident itself:

The featured image was taken by Sean Amato (@JSJamato):

I hope that all those involved recover from any injuries quickly. We can only hope that excessive speed was not the cause of the accident.

I’m sure that we can expect further details about the accident, from either the EPS or local media, in the early morning hours. If I come by more information, I will update this post accordingly.

Have a good night, Edmonton. Let’s do our best to drive safely out there.


Jody Mitoma

Founder of Edmonton Talks News.

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