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This is the New Home for the Massive Edmonton Oilers Sign that Sold for Over $18,000

The large Edmonton Oilers sign that used to hang on Rexall Place arena now hangs on the exterior of MGS Company.
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EDMONTON — The person/company that won the auction from back in June of this year is a local countertop company that goes by the name MGS Company. The company is located at 9250 41 Avenue.

Just below the 10-foot-sign reads, “Die hard fans of the Edmonton Oilers”.

We know for fact that the company purchased the sign for USD$14,275, which converts after exchange rates, to roughly CAD$18,240.

Forty-two minutes before the end of the June auction, the highest bid was roughly CAD$10,440. Then, at 12:18 AM — Eighteen minutes after the end time of the auction, co-founder of the MGS Company made the final bid that ended up being nearly $8,000 more than just one hour prior.

The owners of MGS Company are die hard fans of the Edmonton Oilers. They attend every game, and anything else having to do with the Oilers.

Piece of Oilers history
Piece of Oilers history

The MGS Company also purchased a tin sign celebrating the team’s 25th anniversary. This piece of history sits in the main concourse of their company’s building.

The new owners of the 10-foot-high Oilers sign do not have retail sales at their company’s building, so this sign will not necessarily be seen by their own customers however, a lot of people have been spotted coming to take a look at the sign once they’ve learned about its new placement in the city.

There’s no doubting that the owners of MGS Company here in Edmonton, are die hard fans. Way to support local teams guys! The sign’s new home looks wonderful. I’ll have to stop by in person at some point.

Edmonton Oilers sign via Kevin Tuong
Edmonton Oilers sign at MGS Company //Kevin Tuong

Featured image by Kevin Tuong, source of information: Metro.


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  • September 23, 2016 at 10:31 AM

    absolutely awesome that sign is here to stay and shared by Edmontonians, great job!


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