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Edmonton’s Queen Riverboat Auction Ends; Sold for $550,000!

On April 8th of this year, Edmonton’s Queen Riverboat went up for auction by Century Services Corp. On April 14th – nearly a week into the auction – I was notified about the auction and immediately wrote a post about it here on The Talk of Edmonton. At that time, the auction was sitting at roughly $21,000.

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Yesterday, the auction ended. The riverboat successfully sold for over half a million bucks! $550,000 to be exact.

Edmonton Queen Riverboat sells for $550,000!
The beautiful Edmonton Queen Riverboat on the North Saskatchewan River, sells for $550,000!

I’m not entirely sure if the folks that owned the boat and decided to put it up for auction really had any idea that the boat would sell for this much, considering they made the initial opening bid a much less $10,000.

The vessel was initially built in Sherwood Park and was completed in 1995, making the boat 21 years old today.



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