Really Cool Interactive Map Showing Edmonton’s Incredible Growth from the 1900’s to 2016

I stumbled upon this incredible interactive map created on April 1st of this year by the folks of Spacing Edmonton, and it hasn’t been getting the recognition that it deserves. I couldn’t bare but share it with you all. You’ve got to see this… Seriously!

Here’s a look back at what Edmonton looked like in the 1940’s:

Edmonton Interactive Map 1
1940 – 1950

Then check out just how much its growth exploded in just 10 additional years! (1950’s):

Edmonton Interactive Map 2
1950 – 1960

Fast forward 30 years to the 1980’s, and this is what Edmonton looked like:

Edmonton Interactive Map 3
1980 – 1990

Last but certainly not least, here’s the exponential growth of what Edmonton looks like today (2016):

Edmonton Interactive Map 4
2010 – 2016

What you can’t see in the screenshot from 2016 above, is just how much Edmonton grew outwards – away from the downtown core.


PLAY WITH IT — I highly recommend taking a look at [Spacing Edmonton’s interactive map] and playing around with it. It really gives you a sense of just how quickly Edmonton has become what it is today, and quite frankly, it’s a ton of fun! What an incredible learning experience if I do say so myself.

I’m especially impressed with how quickly (within the last 10 years alone) the deep-north and deep-south ends of the city have grown!

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via Spacing Edmonton


Jody Mitoma

Founder of Edmonton Talks News.

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