Rock Jungle Boulders’ Grand Opening on July 15 • 6,000 Sq/Ft of Wicked Climbing Walls

Rock Jungle Fitness is excited to announce their latest facility opening in Edmonton.

This newest addition to the Rock Jungle Fitness facilities in Edmonton will feature over 6,000 square feet of climbing walls designed and built by the world’s leading climbing wall manufacturer, Walltopia.The Rock Jungle Boulders logo

Rock Jungle Fitness explains what Rock Jungle Boulders is all about:

Rock Jungle Boulders will be the first bouldering only climbing facility in Edmonton. […] There will be a designated training area, and even an on-sight coffee shop for your pre, or post, climbing caffeine fix.Rock Jungle Fitness

Construction of the Rock Jungle Boulders facility
Construction of the Rock Jungle Boulders facility

We couldn’t be more excited to show off this fantastic climbing facility and hope to see you all there opening weekend.Rock Jungle Fitness

PRICING is different for adults, couples and students, but just to get a general idea, one annual adult Rock Jungle Boulders membership is going for $595, and one annual adult membership to both the new Rock Jungle Boulders and the original Rock Jungle Fitness in west Edmonton is going for $800 even.

The new gym is located north of MacEwan Uni, at 10505 107 St.

Day passes and other pricing will be made publicly available on [Rock Jungle Boulders’ website] on their grand opening day, July 15.

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Construction of the Rock Jungle Boulders facility
More construction of the Rock Jungle Boulders facility


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