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First 9 Concerts to Occur at New Rogers Place Arena in Edmonton Have Been Announced

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The first 9 concerts to occur at Rogers Place arena have been announced.

Nearly 2.5 years since construction began, and after hundreds of thousands of man-hours have been put into it, the Rogers Place arena is finally nearing completion, and with that, a concert lineup has been made publicly available – that of which is being added to almost weekly at this point.

First and foremost, before we get started with the announced concert listings to date, let’s learn when the Rogers Place Open House event is occurring, before anything else:

Rogers Place Open House — September 10, 2016 [learn more]

With that out of the way, the concert with the earliest announced date after the Rogers Place grand opening is:

Keith Urban — September 16, 2016 [learn more]

The very following day without any time to spare, the new arena’s second concert will be performed by the most honored female country performer of all time:

Dolly Parton — September 17, 2016 [learn more]

The rest of the concert dates, from earliest to latest announced dates, are as follows:

Drake + Future — September 20 & 21, 2016 [learn more]
Dixie Chicks + Elle King — September 29, 2016 [learn more]
Kanye West — October 15, 2016 [learn more]
John Fogerty — October 22, 2016 [learn more]
Chicago + Earth Wind & Fire — November 5, 2016 [learn more]
Florida Georgia Line — November 18, 2016 [learn more]
Amy Schumer — November 30, 2016 [learn more]

Over 5,100 different workers have been involved in the Rogers Place arena project in some way or another over the course of its creation.

The Rogers Place arena construction commenced in March of 2014, and is expected to be completed in early September of this year.

Ice District’s casino and Oilers Entertainment Group offices are expected to be completed in September 2016, with the Edmonton Office Tower due to open in November 2016.

Fact: The Rogers Place arena scoreboard weighs the equivilant of 23 Ford F-150 trucks, or, 90,000 pounds. At 46 feet wide, 46 feet deep and 36 feet high, it is the largest scoreboard in the National Hockey League. [via CBC]

[Official Rogers Place event lineup]


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