VIDEO: Tim Hortons Does Special Edition Roll Up the Rim for Canada 150!

This just in! Tim Hortons has revealed that there will be a second Roll Up The Rim round this year – and only this year – and it starts now. They are helping Canadians celebrate Canada’s 150th by giving out over 16 million additional prizes, with nearly 100 million Roll Up cups in circulation. The contest began this morning; June 28, 2017, so go out and grab your java-filled Roll Up cups!

The special Canada 150 Roll Up cups will be available for distribution until July 21, 2017, or until supplies last. There will be just shy of 100 million of these special edition cups distributed across the country, with 7 million in British Columbia, 15.7 million split between Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba & the Territories, 50 million in Ontario, 13.8 million in Quebec, and 11.2 million in the Atlantic provinces.

Prizes include ten Ultimate Canadian Vacation prizes, which are valued at $10,000 each. You can choose the travel option, or the cash option. There will be an additional 8,000 $50 Tim Card prizes, and 16.3 million other coffee & food prizes.

The total retail value of all the prizes combined is $26,771,603 Canadian. Quite a nice surprise for Canadians across the country. 

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Tim Hortons even went as far as to let us know where the prizes were distributed. One of the vacation prizes is in BC, five are in Ontario, one in Quebec, one in Atlantic provinces, and two throughout the rest of Canada.

Odds of winning this bonus round of Roll Up The Rim To Win Canada 150 are 1 in 6 for the coffee & food prizes, 1 in 12,522 for the Tim Cards, and 1 in 10 million for the Ultimate Canadian Vacation prize.


Just so you don’t have a heart attack when you roll your first cup, if you DIDN’T win, you will notice the print reading “HAPPY CANADA 150th”, and not “Please play again”, as per usual.

With there being 16.3 million prizes, that’s almost one winner for every two Canadians. Good luck out there, my fellow Canadians!


Here’s a fun announcement video to end our post, by Joe Peterpaul on YouTube:

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