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Samsung Announces their Sixth Canadian Retail Store, and It’s Huge

“This one will be different…bigger and better…”, quoted an anonymous source with regard to the announcement of Samsung’s sixth and largest retail “behemoth” of a store in Canada. The new store is garnering considerable speculation with admirable claims in anticipation of what the new store will feature.
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For starters the store will cover an area of 21,000 square feet and it has been announced that it will be open come this summer. The location? CF Toronto Eaton Centre. As stated, it will be Samsung’s sixth Canadian store and will be significantly larger than previously-built Samsung stores.

Being feted as Canada’s Samsung “flagship” store, it will carry a full range of features such as Interactive Samsung Gear VR and Gear 360 zones, which allow such activities as allowing visitors to the new store to “travel” across Canada, and also visitors can alter-dimensionally ride roller-coasters, if they so choose.

Additionally, on-site will be a state-of-the-art Samsung kitchen which will demo how Samsung products will allow a kitchen to be more fully functional than has here-to-fore been imagined. This feature is aimed at a market of “foodies” of generations both old and new. The kitchen feature of the store will allow visitors to not only watch Samsung cooking processes, in hopes of delighting culinary senses with modern kitchen creations, it will go further than just niche markets and showcase an entire range of other features for homes.

Features for homes, will include a spectacular, never before seen, television model. This model will allow visitors to experience innovations of new design and sound, along with new and inventive screen models that are brand new on the market. Samsung hopes such displays will be interactive to visitors in the greatest possible sense of the word. Allowing visitors the personal “touch” to transform the visit into a remarkably vivid and “real” interaction with Samsung products.

Flagship products such as the entire line-up of newer smartphones, tablets, and mobile accessories will also be available in order to personally and directly sample the latest that Samsung has to offer. CF Toronto Eaton Centre, will have “Galaxy Consultants” available to offer one-on-one help and to assist with maneuvering visitors through any areas that may be of interest to them or that may require extra assistance.

The crux behind Samsung’s motive for the new retail store is to have visitors experience all of which Samsung has to offer in full, state-of-the-art method, without missing a detail. The Canadian designer of the new store, coming this Summer, “Quadrangle”, states that there will be two entrances, “a street level access point facing onto “Yonge Street” and a different entrance altogether, “from within the mall, shared by Nordstrom, Uniglo, and H & M”.

Samsung opened its initial location in Burnaby, B.C., Canada, with retail space of 1,500 square feet. Its second location, in Richmond, B.C., stands at 1,900 square feet, and its third location in Edmonton’s, West Edmonton Mall is 2,200 square feet. The creation of the West Edmonton Mall location in 2014, followed a 2,535 square foot building in CF Sherway Gardens in Toronto in 2015. While the most recently established store of note, besides the aforementioned store that is the subject of this article, was the at the Yorkdale Shopping Mall in 2016. It takes up 3,395 square feet and is anchored by Nordstrom.

The brand new Samsung store, which is to open this coming Summer, is the latest project in Toronto’s “Yonge and Dundas” area. Along with Samsung, there will be a few other retailers of note throwing their hats into the ring. These will be announced in the near future, as Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas district is popularly recognized and compared to New York City’s retail-attracting giant, Times Square.


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  • April 4, 2017 at 9:35 PM

    Poor article! #1. This is not an Edmonton news story. #2. Why are you quoting an “anonymous source”? It’s not like this is a story where you have to keep your sources protected. It just tells me that you were too lazy to find someone from Samsung to interview and randomly grabbed a line from someone’s Snapchat. #3 Your overabundance of quotations is unnecessary. #4 This article reads as though a similar article was appropriated and changed just enough with the use of thesaurus.com.

    Maybe you might want to take a journalism course.


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