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EPS Releases Statistics About School Zone Ticket Offenses in Edmonton Since 2014

The Edmonton Police Service recently released some statistics on number of offenses occurring in Edmonton’s school zones.
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EDMONTON — The number of tickets issued in Edmonton’s school zones is extremely high. Much higher than I would have expected, sadly. This has got to change.

The EPS is asking motorists and pedestrians to be mindful of one another as thousands of students return to school throughout the city.

Over 100,000 tickets issued:

Between the City of Edmonton’s Office of Traffic Safety (photo radar), and the Edmonton Police’s manned enforcement, more than 106,000 school zone speeding infraction tickets have been handed out across the city since its re-inception in 2014. That’s roughly 53,000 tickets per year.

96,000 of those tickets were mailed out to drivers speeding through school zones by the City of Edmonton, with the other 9,900 tickets being handed out by Edmonton Police Service officers.

We have to pay attention to the 30km/hr speed zones. They’re there to protect our city’s children… Our neighbour’s children.

Sadly, with winter just around the corner (sorry for the reminder), things will only get worse as stopping distances are greatly increased due to slippery streets and visibility being shortened.

Illegal parking is also an issue:

Just as a heads up to everyone, the City of Edmonton’s bylaw officers will be watching for parking violations around grade schools and post-secondary institutions throughout the school year.

Vehicles parked illegally will be ticketed and towed without warning, with owners facing fines starting at $50, plus a $120 towing fee and impound fees.Edmonton Police

View the official EPS media release


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