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Bidding for the Massive Edmonton Oilers Sign has Come to an End

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Someone’s the new owner of a 10-foot-tall Edmonton Oilers sign!

As previously mentioned in [this story from June 19th], bidding on the massive piece of Edmonton Oilers memorabilia started on June 4th.

It got a steady flow of bids up until June 6th, which is when bidding came to a complete halt for 9 days. At this point (June 6th), its highest bidder was willing to pay USD$1,445.

Then, on June 15th, bids started to roll in again up until June 20th. On this day, the highest bidder had made a bid of USD$5,000!

Come June 21st – the final day of the auction – votes really started to pile in, all the way through into June 22nd – which is actually passed the final auction time. The reason this occurred is because the auction was getting automatically extended for 5 additional minutes every time an additional bid was made passed the end time.

Bidding ended up continuing on until 12:18 AM EDT.

At 11:18 AM EDT – one hour before the final bid for this auction was made, the highest bidder was willing to fork over USD$8,000.55 for the massive Edmonton Oilers memorabilia.

When the final bid came in at 12:18 AM EDT – just sixty minutes after the bid of USD$8,000 was made – the auction had officially ended with a highest bid of USD$14,275!

Now of course, as we all know, that is United States dollars, so once you’ve converted that purchase price of USD$14,275 with today’s exchange rates..

..that is a 10-foot-tall Edmonton Oilers memory piece that cost its new owner CAD$18,239.


To whoever won the auction, congratulations!

Jody Mitoma

Founder of Edmonton Talks News.

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