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‘Slide the City’ is Returning to Edmonton this Year!

EDMONTON — Good news for the kids (heck, and adults too)! After an incredible show of support and success in 2015, “Slide the City” will be returning to Edmonton for the second consecutive year in a row! Last year’s “Slide the City” – where over 7,000 Edmontonians took to the hill – took place on Grierson Hill in July.

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This year, they will be taking over Victoria Park Road (located adjacent to the west end of Jasper Avenue) on Saturday, July 23rd. Oh, and if you’re busy July 23rd, you just may be in luck. If they sell out for a day’s worth of sliding, they will gladly return the very next day; Sunday, July 24th.

Maps of Victoria Park Road in Edmonton:
Victoria Park Road for Slide the City Edmonton
Victoria Park Road for Slide the City Edmonton, 2016
3D view of Victoria Park Road for Slide the City Edmonton, 2016
3D view of Victoria Park Road for Slide the City Edmonton, 2016
Event details as outlined by the owners of this global slide event:

Summer time is upon us, and we are bringing a record-breaking water slide to brighten your city streets. Come dressed to impress because it’s not every day you can strut through town with your hot bod, cool dance moves and slick slides. Did we mention it’s the world record ? Yeah, it’s that long. […]

This slide’s got more cushion than your grandpa’s orthopedic sneakers.Sack Lunch Productions

Prices for the event range from $12.51, all the way up to $123.80! (CAD to USD conversion as of this posting.) There are five separate prices for each of the selections (excluding the all day pass, which sits at $123.80 as mentioned above). You will be given four chances to buy your tickets before the actual day of the event. Starting with the “Early Bird” registration being the cheapest, then onto the “Regular” registration. Afterwards you’ve got the “Late” registration, and then the “Last Call” registration being the most expensive fee of all (excluding “Day of” registration).

To see the full pricing table, go here.

Tickets go on sale online starting May 4th. I will be sure to provide you with a link to purchase tickets when the time comes. Until then, all we can do is wait ever so patiently.

Slide the City Edmonton, 2015 (last year)!

All photos above via Spinal Cord Injury Alberta.

For more information and early bird registration details, see here.


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